Easy Strategies to Include Power to Your Martial Arts Sparring Kicks


A simple way to see how reliable this kind of kick is will be for you to kick your bag with a routine sidekick. The standard side kick or one taught in numerous schools will generally feature a small circular attack. Exactly what I wish to guarantee is that exactly what you are doing is tossing exactly what would be a mix of a back kick and a side kick to make sure you are getting more power from the back of your leg.

With practice, you can toss a mean side kick or the kick I created for a close quarter fight - called the Increasing Side Kick. Take some time to master this drill and take it into your next sparring session. It works excellently as a jamming protective attack or as an offending kick. Do not restrict yourself to sidekicks either. Make certain to include back kicks, thrust kicks, and stomping kicks to your collection so you have a toolbox of effective kicks.

Follow Through

There are lots of circumstances where the act of following through will lead you to success. Think about when you are trying to break a wood board with the palm of your hand; if you do not strike previous the board and follow through with your stroke, you will have a more difficult possibility at breaking that piece of wood. This is naturally avoiding the idea of energy transfer promoted by lots of martial art systems.

Think about a round kick to the head. Stand in front of the punching bag. Now toss a round kick (any kick that originates from one side in a circular movement) at your bag with just a pivot of your ground leg. The common kick like this will have some power, however not as much if you were to follow through the way you do when breaking a piece of wood. To do this, when you kick the bag - make certain to kick (target) 1-2 feet past the bag. In fact, presume your target is past the contact point if you wish to get the most power from your kicks. This is something taught in Muay Thai combating and discussed a little bit more in using the body to include more power to your kicks listed below.

Put Your Weight into your Kick

There are 2 methods to toss an effective kick - one consists of kicking with the body and one consists of kicking with the force of speed. Integrate them both and you have a fatal kick. The method is easy - simply lean into and to your kick. Numerous martial artists do the opposite. Exactly what a normal newbie does is lean away to get their leg greater. This makes them a simple target to take on as you have less to stress over with their kick and you can virtually press them over. If you look at numerous images of martial artists kicking, you will see a lot of them leaning far from their kick. Some practically have their heads touching the ground - specifically in a split kick.

If you desire power - try leaning into your kicks and get all your weight behind that kick. Otherwise, you are just kicking with your leg. Once again, I did point out that speed can make a distinction and you should correctly integrate them both for the most power and strategy. If you are leaning away, you may as well be assaulting mosquitoes.